Sep 6

Tinted Getting Married


Of course we covered our day, mostly for fun and more or less by compulsion but we would be lying if we didn’t say that a blog title like “Wedding photographers shoot their own wedding” kinda makes us feel even more validated as wedding geeks!
But before even that, we were already plotting for something along the lines of “Tinted Photography, Wedding photography duo, photographs their own Honeymoon”.
SO, without further ado we give you… A day in a life of our honeymoon at the incredible Sea Dance Resort in Koh Samui. 

Honeymoon photoshoot, destination photographers 2016-09-06_0007 2016-09-06_0008 2016-09-06_0012 2016-09-06_0013 2016-09-06_0014 2016-09-06_0010 2016-09-06_0011 2016-09-06_0015 2016-09-06_0016 2016-09-06_0017 2016-09-06_0001.jpg 2016-09-06_0005 2016-09-06_0002 2016-09-06_0018 2016-09-06_0019 2016-09-06_0020

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