We believe

that we don’t just take photos on your day – we are in effect creating your own personal time machine so you can visit and revisit your day full of love and togetherness!

We take pride not only in the quality of our work but in our reverence for your big day and your love story. So, to this day, there has not been a wedding, an elopement or a proposal or even a post-wedding shindig that we’ve walked away from without feeling humbled, energised and creative all over again.

We adore photographing unspoken emotions, the moments of anticipation, sighs of relief and dreams unfurling just as you say “I do”. The joy and warmth of wedding receptions and the promises of eternity in the subtle gestures of two humans embarking on a journey of a lifetime.



As one of ‘New Zealand’s best wedding photographers’ over on Junebug Weddings, our love stories are regularly featured in some of the industries most incredible blogs and magazines world wide, which is keeps our story telling style current and in vogue!

It’s not about perfection it is about emotions – it is about making every minute of your beautiful day count.


So if you are ready to talk weddings and celebration, we would love to catch up for a chat with you about your romantic plans. Get in touch anytime and let’s become friends over a coffee or a couple of cocktails.



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