When light falls Workshop - Branding and Marketing
Scale your business and unburden your creative soul

Why this workshop?

because the time to grow is right now

When light falls - the penny drops!

And we want to throw some light on this important building block of your business - Branding and Marketing and demystify it for you.

Going back to University and combining my previous studies and passion for understanding humans (Clinical and Organisational Psychology) with Marketing was one of the brightest decisions of my life. And Ben's background in Graphic Design added to the mix def helped us realise our dream for Tinted Photography.
Through our process, we were able to tell our story, our why and how we aim to serve our community. Because of that, on an everyday basis, we are able to generate more leads and have more conversions.

We are here to make you fall in love with marketing and branding no matter how much it might frighten you or leaves you clueless.

We want to gift you more time, higher drive and a clear direction to follow your dreams. No matter how lofty and colourful they are.

You will leave this workshop feeling more confident about your marketing plan, with clearer goals. You'll have opportunities to create real and lasting connections, be given concrete tools you can rely on and develop the marketing prowess required of a scaling entrepreneur.

Your hosts + mentors

We are Sirjana and Ben, and we are Tinted Photography. One of us is an introvert and the other one just pretends to be one on her off days.

We bring to you this - immersive and educational experience.

We are ready to welcome you to a day of mind changing creative space. We won't just skim the surface but go deep to where your roadblocks lie and start a real change in your creative business in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Over the years we have learned how to fail successfully, challenge ourselves creatively and unearth lessons that helped us scale our business to what it is today. These days we feel that it is our social obligation to help and support fellow entrepreneurs see and avoid pitfalls while developing an entrepreneurial mindset and doing what they love.

Can’t wait to meet you and share our hearts with you guys!


These and more topics will be covered, discussed, chewed and practiced:

+ Understand the core concepts of branding and marketing
+ Impactful Storytelling to carry your brand to a wider audience that leads to finding your tribe
+ Client care and trust building
Marketing and branding your unique voice
+ How we design our social media calendar to further our brand story and generate leads
+ How to create styled shoots with intent so it brings more work.
+ A 10-minute one-on-one discovery chat to uncover your personal roadblocks and,
+ Qs and As time

Where and When

When: 30th of June (10am - 6pm) 2019

A gorgeous educational setting set in Tamahere, Hamilton. It is 15 minutes drive from Hamilton Airport.

Spacious, light and modern with comfortable seating.

How it will roll

This is an in-depth workshop.
We will be going over everything that helped us in the department of marketing and branding to run a successful business, dispel myths and share the knowledge that we have learned over the years and in saying that it will be Jam-packed with learnings, discussions and walking the talk.

After we welcome you in, there will be a get to know each other time and then we will start our first class so no time is wasted. However, there will be a lunch break where we would like to celebrate your courage to choose growth and your good decision to choose 'When Light Falls' workshop
We will end the evening with a light learning session and Q/A

Virtual Goodie Bag and Prizes

We are going through the sponsor's applications but just know that there will be spot prizes. So stay tuned!

YOUR $690 PASS INCLUDES – this rad workshop with lunch, snacks and drinks plus spot prizes

If you book your spot before 15th of June, 2019 –  you also get $150 off!! There are only 12 spots available – so get in quick


Who is this workshop for?

Short Answer: Any rad small business owner who would like to grow their business and take practical steps towards it!
Long Answer: If you are bamboozled my marketing jargon, if you are struggling with your brand voice and marketing, if you are inquisitive and want tangible takeaways for your business - this workshop is for you.


There will be a maximum of 10 -12 attendees.


Any stage! There will be opportunities for photographers at all levels of their business.

What is included in the cost?

Everything! We wanted to make sure that this was as easy as possible for attendees. All you have to do is get yourself to the venue.

During the workshop, YOU WILL BE FED a delicious lunch and as well as be provided with an assortment of snacks and drinks plus ofcource we will start with Coffee.

All activities and sessions are included in the cost as well.

We are a photography team, do we get a discount if I bring my partner along?

Of course! We are a wife-husband team and totally understand the team workshop attending dilemma.
So if you are two friends, sisters, brothers or partners running a business - come along and you get your second ticket for a 10% off. Just send us an email with your company name and about page and we will send you a special invoice.

Any fine print?

A confirmation email with invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase. SPOUSE/TEAMS: Save 10% on your second ticket. Must be able to prove you are one company. Partial payment plans are available, but are subject to a $25 admin fee, and your final balance will be due 5 days prior to the workshop. By purchasing your spot, you agree that any and all payments made are non-refundable. Tickets can be resold if you are unable to attend. If 'When light falls' is canceled for any reason, you will receive a FULL refund of all payments made. Transportation to and from the workshop is not included in the price.