Let your passion be one of limitless possiblities
Let us take your business in the direction of growth

Our story started just over 8 years ago when with wide-eyes and eager hearts we stepped into the world of Wedding Photography. In the last 8 years, we have become full-time wedding photographers, photographing love stories and meeting incredible people along the way. Our clients are our friends. This was our first success and there was more to follow. We are not only able to own our dream home but are living the sort of life we envisioned for ourselves. These days we travel the world, continue to photograph real-life love stories, build communities all while encouraging creative entrepreneurs to find their own version of success and their own pot of happiness.

So, here is the deal

We want to help you have your dreams realised too. Why? We always wanted someone to guide us... a place where we can grow, moan about things, understand and be understood.

They say, write the book you want to read... so that's what we have been doing -building ourselves so we can be that place for others like us at that stage of our journey.

Enter - One on One Skype Mentoring sessions.

We are candid, full of ideas and here to help...

You can read below some FAQs about them

One on One Mentoring sessions

How will this work?

We offer one-hour mentoring sessions. You can ask us anything about how to grow your business, tell us what has been your biggest roadblock or just tell us your dreams and we will start from there.
We suggest dividing your sessions between different topics - Admin, marketing, Client interactions, Social Media, Technical and more.
We are here to make your life easy and following your passion fun again.

Are these session in person or online?

We travel a lot - so we will suggest Skype/FaceTime or WhatsApp sessions. However if we are in your city which we most likely will be - let's catch up!

How much will it cost?

We want these sessions to strike a balance between being affordable and being a great value-add to your business. So our mentoring sessions are $225 each but if you buy 5 sessions you get them for $175 each.
Booking 5 sessions would also mean you get a 30 minutes discovery chat free!
Prices will go up in February 2020

Start building on your dreams right now...