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Thinking of Eloping in New Zealand? Here’s how you should do it!

You may recall from our last post that we met Megan and Andrew (two of the most amazing souls) face to face on a pier in the sleepy village of Akaroa at about 7:30 am on a very warm summer morning not long ago.

Our destination lay a massive 4 hours road trip away amongst the peaks of the Southern Alps where they would exchange promises of their love with one another on top of a very windy
Mount Sunday of LOTR fame. The trick was that they had to be back on board their cruise ship at 6 pm that evening so we had to keep our momentum!

What follows is the exciting second half of our adventure; We run up a mountain, brave the summer sun, feel a bit like kites in the wind and witness one incredible exchange of tears, smiles, and soulful words. Shared, ultimately, with the rocky peaks all around us by the hurricane-force blasts of air! What an experience, what a story!

We will remember this amazing day always and can’t wait to share it with you. So we won’t keep you any longer… get scrolling <3

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