Feb 20

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We photographed this engagement session at Muriwai Beach, Auckland – New Zealand. The winds were so strong that most times, we all had our eyes closed.
So it felt like we woke up in our dreams…and photographed these two lovers 
We went chasing waterfalls, and these two had a date under some beautiful trees and we ran with them on the soft sand and tried to find shelter from the strong sandy winds huddling up.
What a day it was. 

Mirali and Shashi are long-distance lovers(USA and NZ!). Their story humbled us in more ways than one. The way Shashi looks at Mirali is beyond endearing. We’re honoured to call these two friends and we’re looking forward to being reunited, whether in the US, New Zealand, or somewhere else on the globe.

Here are some moments from the day that spoke to us…

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