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Just how do you find your dream wedding photographer?

We got married last year and choosing a photographer was by far the most difficult decision of our lives.
We are not even exaggerating because truly a photographer has to be more than just any wedding vendor.

They are after all capturing the story of a very significant moment in your life. A moment when your life takes a beautiful new direction, where not only your own two hearts but also your families come together and become one happy unit.

And unlike other wedding vendors, your photographer spends the most amount of time with you on our wedding day. So you have to be looking for not just a photographer but your dream wedding photographer

New Zealand Elopement, Tinted Photography, Auckland Wedding photographer, dream wedding photographer

Hello, we are Sirjana and Ben from Tinted Photography and we photograph weddings in New Zealand, Melbourne, Perth and not to forget the rest of the world ;)

We had immaculately planned and Pin’ed’ for our wedding day. Dreamy and waiting for this day so we wanted to invite a photographer who would understand and realise our dream and be more than just any vendor.

We think it is what all of us deserve on our wedding day. Fortunately or unfortunately, we learnt a lot from our experience and now we want to share it with couples who are in the same conundrum of finding the dream wedding photographer.

The following tips will work if you are like us a people person and partying with style is your jam.

5 tips to find your dream photographer

  • Go check their BLOG out

    So you have found a couple of photographers whose work is making you all the more excited about your beautiful day?! Take it from us,  nay note it down: It is not enough to see some curated photos on their main page. To know their style better you need to go digging for their blog link. It’s where their stories live, their style comes to life and their personalities talk. In the blog section, you can see how often they blog a session (wedding or couple’s photo shoot) and read what they write about their couples. You will get an insight into how they treat their couples and how they narrate a story from the start to the end and also how they deal with various lighting situations. What is more, you will connect with many vendors who have worked with them at various weddings which always speeds up the planning process.

auckland wedding photographer, Melbourne wedding photographer, Tinted Photography, dream wedding photographer
Dress: Astra Bridal Hair: Caitlin Kelly Hair Design and Makeup: Jess Drought – Makeup and Nail Artistry.   See this beautiful wedding here
  • How social are they

    Are they on Facebook and Instagram? Because chances are you can not only see their very latest work there and how they engage with their tribe but also have an insight into how they run their business through Instagram stories, videos and live events. Remember a photographer is the person you will see and spend the most time with on your wedding day – you gotta love them and not just their photos. It’s not to say that photographers who are not active on Social Media are no good. It’s just an avenue that a lot of brides miss to check and has a wealth of information which will help make your decision easy.
    In our case, even though we are a classic mix of introvert and extrovert and some of us (Ben) find it hard to maintain their personal Facebook, we are very active on Tinted Photography’s social media. And the reason is simple – we have captured some incredible love stories and we want to share that love with the world.

  • Style over stories

    When you go through their work, see if you can notice unique differences between different love stories. For example, we believe that every love story is different and deserves to be told in its unique way, therefore you will not see any two weddings on our blog that look or feel the same. We are not slaves to one particular style of editing a story. We slave over the look and style each one of our couples exudes. Trust your love story and find a photographer who will showcase it just the way it is. Believe us, this way when you look back at your day it will be uniquely yours and will give you double the joy. Plus you will be working with a photographer who understands your story and the unique stance that makes you, you.

    Wedding at the Narrows landing, Hamilton wedding photographer, Auckland wedding photographer, Bride getting ready at the Narrows Landing


  • Meet em

    Don’t book em before you meet em. A meeting can be over Facetime, Skype or the old fashioned face to face. When you meet any artist, they will tell you so much about their process, they will learn a lot about your vision and in the end what you get is a complete picture of and trust in who you are hiring for your day. Both you and your photographers are looking for the best fit and it’s that magical combination that will lead to more than just amazing photos on the day. If you are not sure of what to ask your potential photographer – just subscribe to our newsletter below and we will send you a copy of the list of important and crucial questions in your inbox.

  • Book your dream wedding photographer

    You have met them, you love them and you have found your match. Huzzah! Now don’t spend forever actually booking them. Just last season we had to sadly say no to 12 couples because we were already booked for their date. Some dates are golden and those dates vary each year – so don’t delay in booking the photographer you love for your wedding day. Who wants to start this whole process again when there is so much more to be planned for your wedding!?

We hope these tips helped you get some clarity and  to make this decision even easier we have a bonus point for you:

  • How much should I invest

    That’s the elephant in the room. The crusher of our dreams and the reason so many of us settle for the second best. We get you, weddings are expensive, we were there just last year! Setting a cost for us was an easy decision to make. We knew what goes on at the other end. So here is a little explanation that will not only help you make the decision but also help you to prepare questions you ask from your potential photographer:
    We knew a good photographer costs anywhere between NZD$4000 to NZD$8000. It may sound crazy for 10 – 12 hours of coverage and a pre or post wedding shoot but here is where that money goes, you get what you pay for: You get a creative, very passionate soul who will spend hours upon hours answering emails, phone calls, fielding questions and in educating you to have a stress-free and relaxed wedding day. Your dream photographer is not there just for the photos but participates in the celebration of love and feels it’s an honour to capture your wonderful day. In effect, they will not just be giving you your photos but building you a time-machine to visit your day whenever – cause they would be capturing your day with all its details and quirks and tinted with your colours. For example, we spend hours in prep work before the wedding and pre wedding shoot day, communicating with our couples, bettering our art and spending on our education, getting equipment serviced and ready, making sure you never lose a single image from the day so we spend late nights backing and double backing up your photos. 20+ hours are later spent on editing and sorting through 3500+ images, and then there is designing photo books, ordering prints and creating your personalised website. All this while we are available to answer questions ranging from your wedding timeline, connecting you with other vendors, location scouting and so much more.



If you are wondering about our prices – you can check out our pricing page or contact us to get the full rundown. But whatever you do, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list. Promise we don’t spam! We just want to reach out to more couples who are in the same boat we were in the hope that our almost 7 years of wedding industry experience and the experience of planning our own wedding last year will help and alleviate stress for others.

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