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India is a glorious country and we have so many travel blogs from its different parts that we must show you. The colours, the people, the architecture and the food is all beautiful inside out.

Today we take you on a trip to Jodhpur.  Jodhpur – also known as the Blue City – also known as – ‘Oh my gosh, everything else can wait I have to see this place (Ben) ‘ city is situated in the Thar Desert of the north-west Indian state of Rajasthan.

It is truly a spectacular place. That day, however, I woke up in a bus with a migraine. The bus had dropped us to our destination 2 hours early than we expected. We reached the hotel and saw the hotel concierge sleeping and didn’t have the heart to wake him up. So we walked around for two hours only to find out that our booking was not confirmed and had to look for another hotel.

Why am I telling you all this? Because even after a migraine and 5 hours on the streets hotel less – This city took our heart away. We had a mini sleep in and set out for an adventure: We will talk you through the streets of this magical place as you scroll down.

We had a mini sleep in and set out for an adventure: We will talk you through the streets of this magical place as you scroll down.

Jodhpur – the Blue City – Travel with Tinted Photography.
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And then we entered the BLUE part of the city. New shops and housing constructions have mellowed the blue of the landscape but nonetheless, it is still spectacular.
You see me all smiling in the photo below: I am smiling cause I was looking at Ben jumping up and down the street, so excited.

He is truly lost and in love and in awe!

2016-09-02_0010 2016-09-02_0011 2016-09-02_0012 2016-09-02_0013 2016-09-02_0014 2016-09-02_0015 2016-09-02_0017 2016-09-02_0016 2016-09-02_0018 2016-09-02_0019 2016-09-02_0020 2016-09-02_0021

Enter Mehrangarh Fort.
Mehrangarh Fort a 15th centuary fort, stands a hundred feet in splendor on a perpendicular cliff, four hundred feet above the sky line of Jodhpur.

The view from this place and of this place is spectacular.

In thedistace from this fort you see: Umaid Bhawan – Built for royalty it is now one of the world’s largest private residences.

Coming back to Mehrangarh Fort, these place is truly majestic.

2016-09-02_0022 2016-09-02_0023 2016-09-02_0024 2016-09-02_0025

These photos below are of the courtyard that was part of the Jhanki Mahal (Glimpse Palace). On the upper floor of the north wing the women could look down on the activities of the courtyard.
How ornate are those windows!
2016-09-02_0026 2016-09-02_0028 2016-09-02_0027 2016-09-02_0029 2016-09-02_0030 2016-09-02_0031 2016-09-02_0032 2016-09-02_0033 2016-09-02_0035 2016-09-02_0036 2016-09-02_0037 2016-09-02_0034

and there it is the Blue city:

2016-09-02_0038 2016-09-02_0040 2016-09-02_0041 2016-09-02_0039

He was missing his usual black and white colours a lot, so guess which horse he chose to buy from this super creative lady?

2016-09-02_0042 2016-09-02_0043

2016-09-02_0051 2016-09-02_0044 2016-09-02_0045 2016-09-02_0047 2016-09-02_0048 2016-09-02_0049 India, wedding photographer, destination wedding photographer, Tinted Photography, New Zealand, Hamilton wedding Photographer, Auckland Wedding Photographer

We reached back to our hotel really late at night after walking at least 10 hours on foot. This place was still bussing with some magical colourful energy at that late hour.

Eeep! this was exciting, sharing and reliving our memories with you all.

Who knows where we will take you next 😉

Stay rad,

Sirjana and Ben

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