I have just completed my five-part mentoring session with the AMAZING Sirjana & Ben from Tinted Photography and boy am I inspired! If your looking for some wisdom and priceless business advice I definitely recommend these two. They are super easy to work with, very efficient, down to earth an funny. My business and yours will benefit greatly from their mentoring sessions, so go check em out

Oriwia Soutar

My mentor session with Sirjana was truly amazing! I 've been in a creative rut lately, feeling uninspired and totally incapable of achieving riveting images to make my art stand out. But, after Sirjana patiently advised and motivated me, I literally sat at my desk writing a to-do list of things I needed to do in order to propel my art and my business. I can't thank her enough for rekindling the spark within me.
Every photog needs a Ben & Sirjana in their lives

Rhema Baksh

What I started thinking about taking mentoring sessions I hesitated a lot. Unsure about what to expect. Would it be worth the money? Would I be told to do things a certain way not regarding my person? But then I found Ben and Sirjana. The way they customise those mentoring session is one of the things I love the most about them. THey help me out with any questions I might come up with. And with their HUGE knowledge, they don't simply suggest answers or solutions to my problems but help me, guide me to find the answers myself. This way they ensure that I grow as a business and as a person instead of just copying someone else's approach. If I had known how much value these mentoring sessions will add to my life, I would have started them sooner! Thank you again so much

Gina Walsowiak