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New Zealand Desert Engagement Photoshoot |Adventure Session | Tinted Photography

Ever wondered if New Zealand Desert Engagement Photoshoot was even a thing?
We’ll wonder no more! Enter a Ninety-mile beach New Zealand Desert Engagement Photoshoot!
One of our favorite things about New Zealand is its incredibly diverse landscape all packed away in a tiny package.
We think Forest Gump might call it a “box of chocolates” but in Kiwiland, we simply say it’s “Choice as”.


‘Choice as’, incidentally, are two words that perfectly describe Holly and Jay, the incredible peeps who came adventuring with us way up the top end of the North Island on 90 Mile Beach. Together the four of us wandered in the sun for an afternoon through martian rock formations, atop gigantic sand dunes, and along river beds all the while hunting for an incredible sunset (which we found btw – scroll down for that). Our two beautiful souls we’re true lovers and just so natural in front of the camera. We had a perfect afternoon of yacking and trekking and photographing and we think had the sun not set we could have kept going for hours!


Take a look below at what we think a Desert Engagement Photoshoot in New Zealand can be when you get just the right mix of amazing weather
and beautiful souls to bring out all the magic of this incredible place.

It definitely beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

New Zealand Desert Engagement Photoshoot Desert Engagement Photoshoot

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