What to Expect

What to expect, Tinted Photography

Finding and booking your wedding photographer can be tricky…

but we are here for you!


.Somewhere along the line, we became wedding devotees and not just photographers. Our ‘photographic career’ to date has seen us helping our brides and grooms pick their dress or style their venue, organizing surprises, fielding calls after midnight to help calm frayed nerves and spending time with our couples and their families to make sure we are approachable and a perfect fit in on the day.

Off the back of all this, we often remain in touch with our couples and get together for a coffee or a few wines when we find the time.

We also have a network of outstanding vendors to offer you, from venues to hair stylists to florists to makeup artists and beyond.

.One of the reasons we have adopted this approach is because we have been where you are now!

What makes us different you ask?
Well, we are genuinely, 100% interested in your wedding because it’s YOUR wedding! Not because we get to create stunning photos and not because we get paid for our time, but because we get to be a part of one of the most insanely awesome, breathtaking and heart skipping days in anyone’s life. A wedding day is where you and your partner decide once and for all to start a chapter that will outlast all your life lived so far… weddings are just incredible and we both love to get involved and help make your lead up
to that special moment as stressfree as possible.

So, what can you expect from us?
In short, we love to make your experience the best it can be and will be entirely emotionally present to weave your wedding day into a personalized tapestry of love and not just show up as ‘those photographers who are clicking your wedding.

We can’t wait to meet with you and to hear your story so make sure you drop us a line here!

Stay rad,
Ben and Sirjana