When light falls Workshop
Scale your business and unburden your creative soul

Why this workshop?

because the time to grow is right now

When light falls - the penny drops!

Running a business is incessant, it is tiring, it is all-consuming. Let us take the guesswork out of it!

We are here to offer you tools that have helped our business thrive, the workflows that keep us creative and to share with you our mindset that not only allows us to be artists but also set parameters for growing and scaling our business.

We want to gift you more time, higher drive and a clear direction to follow your dreams. No matter how lofty and colourful they are.

You will leave this workshop feeling more confident, with more definite goals. You'll have opportunities to create real and lasting connections, have concrete tools you can rely on and develop the marketing prowess required of a scaling entrepreneur.

Your hosts + mentors

Hello beautiful people!
We are Sirjana and Ben, and we bring you this - holistic, gritty and educational experience - When Light Falls Workshop.
We are ready to welcome you to 3 days of mind-changing creative space. We won't just skim the surface but go deep to where your roadblocks lie and start a real change in your creative business in an inclusive, supportive environment.
Over the years, we have learned how to fail successfully, challenge ourselves creatively and unearth lessons that helped us scale our business to what it is today.

Now we are baring it all our success, our failures our learnings to demystify the myths behind living a successful artist-entrepreneur life.


These and more topics will be covered, discussed, chewed and practiced:

+ Branding to scale your business
+ Priming the creative canvas for an entrepreneurial mindset.
+ Client care and trust-building
+ Marketing and branding your unique voice
+ Finding your inspiration
+ How to truly connect during your sessions to get and give the best.
+ The art of emotional storytelling
+ How to channel creativity so it doesn't run dry
+ How to create styled shoots with intent
+ Unearth your strengths and weaknesses to use them as an advantage
+ Using flash on the dance floor
+ More practical tips: from blogging to harsh lighting to time management to workflows
+ A 15-minute one-on-one discovery chat to uncover your personal roadblocks and,
+ Time to be in front of and behind the lens - We will create photos inside the Casa and learn as we go various tricks we use, the mindset that we apply and overcome challenges we all face.

Where and When

When: 10th (3 pm) to 12th March (1 pm) 2020

We have booked a beautiful upscaled Casa from the 70's, fully restored to emulate it's time period, in the breathtaking neighborhood of Chapalitas in Guadalajara the birthplace of Tequila and Mariachi. It is 30 minutes drive from the Airport (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport).

All rooms have a Smart T.V. with Netflix, air conditioning, coffee maker (with coffee, sugar and cream of course!), and a full bathroom.

One room has two double beds in it - hence if you get that room you will be sharing it with another rad creative.

Rooms will be allocated based on first come first serve.

How it will roll

This is a holistic workshop.
We will be going over everything that helps creatives run a successful business and in saying that it will be Jam-packed with learnings, discussions and walking the talk.

You will be given a timetable and itinerary in advance so you know how to prepare yourself for the workshop after yours and all the spots in the 'When Light Falls' workshop are confirmed.

Day 1 - After we welcome you in, our first class will start so no time is wasted. However, the night will end with a welcome party and dinner and dessert. Feel free to bring also drinks that you would like to celebrate your courage to choose growth and your good decision to choose 'When Light Falls' workshop. There will be some drinks at the Casa as well.
We will end the night with another light learning session and Q/A

Day 2 - This is Jam packed with presentations and learnings, with discovery chats and brain droppings.
Also we will be able to squeeze some time for photographing around the Casa. So good day for meditation morning, caffeine afternoon and a happy night.

Day 3 - We will have one last small learning session this morning to be attended by those whose flight schedules allow before we say our goodbyes at 1pm.


this rad workshop with accommodation for 3 days and 2 night (10th to 12th of March, 2020) including Lunches, Dinners and Desserts, a pantry full of Breakfast food and snacks + giveaways from our sponsors!


Who is this workshop for?

Short Answer: Any rad photog who would like to grow their business and take practical steps towards it!
Long Answer: If you struggle with the line between being a creative and a successful entrepreneur, if you are struggling with your brand voice and marketing, if you are inquisitive and want tangible takeaways for your business - this workshop is for you.

If you are someone who is just starting out, already knowing how to upscale your business would mean not struggling like many of us who struggle to step up their game. Learning the ropes in advance helps avoid the pitfalls and makes the journey we are on more fruitful. And for those who are itching to grow - this is the platform: we have included our own experiences, what research says, current trends and so much more.


Each day is different but very organised.
There will be presentations, one on ones, practical camera sessions and lectures. You will be given a welcome pack with your lesson plans for the days to come as you enter the Casa on the first day.

Meals will help us divide the day into different chunks.

You’ll even get some free time to connect and form friendships with our attendees including a welcome party.


There will be a maximum of 10 -12 attendees.
This leeway is for siblings or friends or spouses who won't mind sharing a room.


Any stage! There will be opportunities for photographers at all levels of their business.

What is included in the cost?

Everything! We wanted to make sure that this was as easy as possible for attendees. We don't want you to worry about making arrangements so we've taken care of all of that for you. All you have to do is get yourself to the venue.

Accommodation is included! A high level of comfort, while still maintaining an inclusive environment, trendy and cozy at the same time!

During the workshop, YOU WILL BE FED delicious lunches and dinners as well as a pantry full of snacks and breakfast food.

All activities and sessions are included in the cost as well. The only thing that isn't included in the fees:
>is free-flowing alcohol of which you are free to bring your own. Don't get us wrong there will be alcohol just not as free flowing as some would expect.
>transport to the Casa is not included at this stage. However closer to the date once you all know your flight times something we might be able to swing something.


No… and we feel strongly about it. There is nothing creative about clamoring for the same shot at the same exact spot. You will be divided into small groups or pairs… this allows for plenty of time for everyone in the group to work with us and have one-on-one time with us.
We also suggest you bring a meaningful 'prop' that will give your photos your own definitive colour.

We will be on hand throughout to chat and offer assistance.


Yes of course.
In fact, sharing from and about the workshop is highly encouraged and there will be a prize to win in the end for your efforts. We are also in talks with the some sponsors to see if they would like to be included in this experience.

We are a photography team, do we get a discount if I bring my partner along?

Of course! We are a wife-husband team and totally understand the team workshop attending dilemma.
So if you are two friends, sisters, brothers or partners running a business - come along and you get your second ticket for a 10% off. Just send us an email with your company name and about page and we will send you a special invoice.

Any fine print?

A confirmation email with invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase. SPOUSE/TEAMS: Save 10% on your second ticket. Must be able to prove you are one company. Partial payment plans are available, but are subject to a $25 admin fee, and your final balance will be due two months prior to the workshop. By purchasing your spot, you agree that any and all payments made are non-refundable. Tickets can be resold if you are unable to attend. If 'When light falls' is canceled for any reason, you will receive a FULL refund of all payments made. Transportation to and from the workshop is not included in the price.

From our last workshop...

I decided to do the 'When Light Falls' workshop as I had taken a huge drop in bookings after raising my prices. I didn't know how to get clients or how to sell the value of my service to them!
Ben and Sirjana were an open book when it came to sharing their knowledge and expertise. They helped me understand how I could improve my marketing and after implementing just one element of that, I have noticed a difference already. I learned so much about branding as well as finding my voice and authenticity. Realizing how I came to be where I am and how that informs my business will play a huge roll in how I move forward from here. The close-knit, small group and intimate environment meant everyone felt included and welcome. I arrived at the workshop on my own feeling a bit deflated, but left with a heart full of memories and new friends, as well as a head (and a notepad!) full of ideas and goals for the future! Thank you so much Ben and Sirjana!

Lara x

Soul Sisters Photography

"I had the pleasure of attending the very first When Light Falls workshop earlier this year, and one of the first things that stood out to me was how much thought that Sirjana and Ben had put into it. From the first moment we arrived when we received hugs, a cute little goody bag, and a delicious food spread, to the last moment when I said my teary goodbye, they planned a fabulous and educational workshop for us all. They had a personalized approach, making sure that each attendee had one on one time with them, and they didn't hesitate to share any information that would be useful to us. The topics they covered were interesting, thought-provoking and educational. A delightful bonus was Sirjana's hilarious dinner time stories, as well as the guided meditation in the morning. They also had great sponsors and prizes, a delicious menu and lots of wine! Whether you are just starting out in business or you have been shooting for years, this workshop is for you!"


Tegan Clarke Photography