Aiischa and Ashlee’s Same Sex Queenstown Elopement Adventure

Join us as we stroll through memory lane sharing Aiischa and Ashlee’s stunning 4 day, same sex Queenstown elopement adventure!

There a couple of progressive islands in the south pacific, jam-packed full of stunning natural beauty and amazing people. Here we pride our selves on leading the charge for the rest of the world in things like employment rights, woman’s liberation, and since 2013, same-sex marriage. New Zealand is a fantastic and super memorable place to declare your devotion to the one you love.

We meet these two gorgeous souls face to face for the first time on the afternoon of their wedding day, seated side by side in the waiting room at the Auckland Courthouse. It was all just about to go down and we were breathless as we had just run a few blocks having struggled to find a parking spot. We hugged them both warmly and we were all invited into a little room where (with us as two very humbled witnesses) these two amazing humans could declare their love for one another other and officially say their “I do’s”. It was an intimate, heartwarming moment, to say the least, but this was only the very beginning… Now the adventure could really begin!

First with a Mexican dinner and some Sangria to celebrate, and then with a short flight to stunning Queenstown. It was time for us to really discover what New Zealand had to offer, and we were so ecstatic to be showcasing all the love in this same-sex elopement adventure <3

Auckland Hair and Makeup: Ashley Collett Styling
Queenstown hair and Makeup J.E.T Makeup ArtistBeautiful Bridal Hair
Heli: Wanaka Helicopters

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