Kiran and Guzy’s Incredible Auckland Sikh Wedding

We had been looking forward to photographing Kiran and Guzy’s incredible Sikh wedding in Auckland for so long that by the morning of their first day we were abuzz with excitement. It’s a special feeling that you can only experience when you’re a part of a days-long Indian celebration! The houses are alive with family members and friends all rushing to dot their respective I’s and cross all their last-minute T’s. On this morning, the smell of char hung in the air, Diljit Dosanjh was dancing on the TV, and there were delicious snacks on every surface – we were starting out on a four-day Punjabi wedding adventure that.
We were in our element!

Over the next few days, we would experience a cornucopia of fantastic colours, tempting smells and slick family dance-offs.
But to keep this blog at a manageable length today we are going to focus on (pun intended) Kiran and Guzy’s next level Sikh wedding day.

Things kicked off early, and we hit the ground running as everything was in a fluid motion when we arrived. We started their day on other sides of the city. Sirjana at Guzy’s and Ben was covering Kiran and her family. It was an unusual situation for us as we are generally pretty co-dependent photographers, bouncing ideas off each other as we shoot. But things were always happening, and we were off to such a good start, that by the time we meet up again for their ceremony at the Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Gurudwara it was like we had never been apart.

It was beautiful to watch these two large families coming together at the temple, and of course, their ceremony was beautiful and full of love and warm vibes. Much like the weather outside! It truly was an awesome day!
Scroll on down to see just how awesome this incredible Sikh wedding in Auckland really was, and let us know what you think in the comments below xoxo.

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