Tiffany and Winston’s Queenstown Honeymoon Adventure Part 1

It’s always fun sitting down to write these blogs!
So much has happened in the few short weeks since Tiffany and Winston adventured out on their Two Day Honeymoon Photoshoot in Queenstown.

As we write this, we are in Airbnb number five for January 2020! We have seen the beaches up north and the mountains down south, we celebrated Christmas with family and New Year’s came and went as we both worked right up to the countdown. We have photographed a beautiful wedding in wine country, south of Perth. Another on the sand at Mount Manganui. Altogether in the last few weeks, we have had the honour of photographing ten incredible couples and their unique love stories, but still, it just feels like yesterday that we took that first step into the woods with these two beautiful people. That’s because every couple we meet as photographers leave their own unique mark on our lives. Permeating our relationship and informing our interactions with the World for the better and Tiffany and Winston were certainly no exception!

We shared a fantastic two-day long adventure session with these two in New Zealand’s famous Southern Alps.
Being Californian, we figured the nip in the air and the icy rivers might be a challenge for them, but it turns out they are from the mountains themselves, so excitedly were only too keen to wade into streams and face the down freezing wind with a smile! Intrepid travellers themselves we all had plenty of stories to share and the way these two looked into each other’s eyes you could see that each new place they had visited had left it’s a mark on their love too.

It is an honour to tell their story through the two days we spent adventuring on their Honeymoon Photoshoot in Queenstown.
This blog narrates the story of only day one… so much more to come!


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Tiffany and Winston, we are super excited to share your second day of adventure with us soon <3

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