Bella and Stefan’s Luminare South Melbourne Wedding

Goethe said “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.” and they have both – really ideal!
Bella and Stefan’s Luminare South Melbourne Wedding was all sorts of joy to be a part of.

It was supposed to be hurricane styled weather that was keeping everyone worried – but we had faith in our long streak of no rain since all the years we have been photographing (unless the couple loved the idea of rain on their day) weather gods have been super chummy with us.
So even though Ben and I had it all planned for a cold wet day – the moment we left the church with these two the chaotic clouds allowed the sun to sparkle through them. I don’t think these two even noticed any change though – they were so lost in love and the rainbows and sparkles in their own hearts. Bella and Stefan you two are so rad and deserved every bit of that amazing celebration that weather gods put out for you.

But the weather wasn’t the only beautiful thing about this day.
Their wedding day was filled with every spectrum of emotion and so much effortless beauty
Thank you, Bella & Stefan, for asking us to be part of your Luminare South Melbourne Wedding here in Australia.
We know you two will continue to make each other smile and to share your joy with everyone around you.

Hair and Makeup artist: SoBo Studio
Wedding dress: Zhanel Bridal Couture
Florist: Little Stag Floral Couture

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