our manifesto

We take a stand against the generic, the boring and the staged. We take a stand for emotional, fun, crazy, enjoyment filled lives captured with passion, with a streak of adventure and as unique as your love story.

We are lovers first, photographers second and adventurers forever.
So we create for you a customized magical adventure you will carry in your heart and your talks for the rest of your lives.

To find ourselves, to immortalize joy and to unearth adventure.

We are

people’s people

We love meaningful conversations, ciders/cocktails, traveling, photography and each other. A beautiful photograph is so because it tells a story. As photographers, we always try to document the story of your relationship and unravel the soul of your togetherness...

To that end, we are

Involved. Story Tellers. Deeply Anthropological

With us, you gain a friend, someone who is deeply interested in you. With us, you get students of love, you get photographers who click with you before we click the shutter.

We have been fortunate to
photograph love stories
around the world...

taking Tinted Photography to destination weddings in India, Europe, and the Pacific, falling in love with every couple’s love story and following our passion.

We give you art, we give you our heart.

We are

Sirjana & Ben

passionate story tellers and wedding devotees based in New Zealand and Melbourne - available worldwide.

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