Claudia and Aldrik’s Melbourne Pre-Wedding Adventure

It seemed like the sunniest day of the year when we met Claudia and Aldrik for their stunning Melbourne Pre-Wedding Adventure. Picture it: these two stunners, an open field, and the sound of the seaside. We didn’t know it then but we were in for one heck of a photoshoot at Mornington Peninsula with Claudia and Aldrick. We all hit it off immediately and the mood was so good, not even the unrelenting sun beating down on our heads had us worried. Their love was gonna carry this shoot come rain, hail or crazy bright solar rays for sure <3

We spent our time exploring new parts of the coast together. Narrowly avoiding a ferocious tide, climbing long dead trees and dodging the occasional crazy driver on what we thought was a pretty quiet stretch of road. All this before we hit up our favorite spot on the coast, downed some sparkling wine, got a little creative and wandered down to a quiet bay for what was to be a totally bezonkers sunset! No really, it was crazy good! Scroll on down and check it out.

Plus, remember that ferocious tide we were mentioned earlier? Well, it was now all the way out, giving up access to a world apart from the usual sandy beach and rocky cliffs scenario. We pretty much walked on water out to the edge of the reef as the sunset danced in a thousand rock pools and the waves threw themselves, exhausted out our feet. But enough of this symbolism! There’s a totally stunning, bold Melbourne pre-wedding Adventure shoot at Mornington Peninsula for you waiting below.

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