Xiao and Lang’s Queenstown New Zealand Pre-Wedding Adventure

The more we say about Xiao and Lang is less! We were humbled by their love for our work and by the love they both share with each other. Their Queenstown New Zealand Pre-Wedding Adventure Shoot, just a day before their wedding, was magical to say the least.

We connected with Xiao over our Skype Date when she mentioned John Berger’s Ways of Seeing as one of her favourite books. We squealed – its one of our favs too!! We decided there and then, that their session will be full of creative direction that portrays their unique love story and their ‘way of seeing.’

Their love story started in the UK with a smile across a meeting room a year and a half ago and has deepened every day ever since. At one point during the shoot, we asked if Xiao could take her jacket off for a silhouette photo and as it was cold and windy, Lang passed us his jacket as well “If she is cold” he said,  I will be cold.” Our hearts melted and we all took our jackets off in solidarity and carried on with the rest of the shoot.

The sunset on the peaks of Queenstown is our absolute favourite – And we loved sharing such beautiful views with them. We just adored how carefree and loving they were to each other, which made this Queenstown Pre-Wedding shoot even more amazing.

There’s almost nothing better than being in the mountains with the one you love and to witness a splendid sunset in their arms. So, we took them to our favourite spot and left them there to snuggle up, while we hid around in the long grass capturing their evening before their new (married) life was about to start.

So sit back with a hot cocoa and get ready to scroll.

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