Alli and Ben’s Milford Sound Pre-Wedding Adventure Part 1

Let us be real for just a moment: Alli and Ben’s stunning Milford Sound Pre-Wedding Adventure started with a wee argument.. Neither of us particularly like airports (shocking, we know!!) so the fact that today’s story starts with said argument in one is not an alien concept for us…

Sirjana and I were getting in each other’s way as we were running late, and the stress was palpable. Luckily for us (and for an airport full of onlookers), we were snapped out of it by the sound of our names being called from just behind us. It was Allison and Ben, our new travel companions and best friends for the next 5 days, running up to us… phew!

We all hugged, and chit chatted, Sirjana and I made up, and the four of us boarded our plane bound for the magical Queenstown! This was to be a multi-day adventure shoot leading up to one heck of an elopement for these two beautiful souls and we kicked it off on this day with an epic drive down to Gods own Milford Sound.

We picked up our cars, sussed out some supplies and hit the road for what was to be a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot in Milford Sound. We made a beeline straight to the shore, as the tide was out and the sun was setting and everything was shaping up nicely for some incredible photos with Alli and Ben, and boy were we right! We tramped and scrambled all over the foreshore as the tide crept in around us and the sun nestled in behind the majestic peaks rising straight out of the water.

By the time we got to our hotel we were all ready for some good food, and some solid sleep. That night we got together and cooked up our supplies… Tortellini with mushroom sauce and sweetcorn on the cob (mmmmmm) then we backed up the day’s photos and headed to bed for a super early morning start! 

This time we were again headed to Queenstown for the next leg of the shoot, but there was still so much of Fiordland National Park to be explored! We started the day with a short boat ride to an incredible 160m high waterfall (showering the rainforest around us in a perpetual dew) before we got back in our cars and continued the last leg of our stunning pre-wedding photoshoot in Milford Sound.

They say Milford Sound is “Heaven on Earth” and we can’t think of a better backdrop for our two love birds to start off on their New Zealand adventure with us. <3  So, without further ado, go on and check out Alli and Ben’s STUNNING Milford Sound Pre-Wedding Adventure! Just scroll on down a little and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments at the bottom <3

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