Blair and Glen’s Mount Cook Pre-Wedding Adventure Part 1

Aghh, we have it so good!! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The people we make art with as nomadic photographers are so open, captivating and unique. What a pleasure it is to get to know so many beautiful humans from all corners of the globe! Somebody pinch us, cause we are living the dream! What we’re trying to say is that we sure had a kick-ass time with Blair and Glen, road tripping together on their
summertime prewedding photo shoot in Mount Cook National Park.

These two awesome New Yorkers were so totally in love and the way they leaned into each other mirrored the way they leaned into their photoshoot. From the moment we pulled up next to their car, we felt an instant connection with them. Small talk got deeper real quick, and by the time we were treking back to our cars after watching the sunset over the mountains, it felt we had just spent a week together, not a day, and we were all amped to see what amazing times their second day with us in Queenstown would bring!

And, just like that, it’s time for a shameless plug of our youtube channel! We had launched Tinted Photography properly on Youtube just a week before this fantastic shoot, and Blair and Glen were happy for us to capture a whole bunch of behind the scenes moments of their adventurous prewedding shoot with us. Did we mention they are legends?

So when you’ve soaked up every stunning moment this blog has to offer, head over to our Youtube page to find out what it’s like to come along on a multi-day adventure session with Tinted Photography! – End of shameless plug!

Happily, we still had day two of their adventurous prewedding shoot in Queenstown to come – and so do you. Cause, for now, we leave this story back in the empty parking lot as we hugged goodbye in the twilight of the shadow of the mountains. Their incredible summertime prewedding photo shoot in Mount Cook National Park was done. So stay tuned for part two of Blair and Glen’s blog in Queenstown, and hold tight cause in 2021 we will be celebrating with these two and their families as they say “I do” in the lush summertime greens of upstate New York…Eeep!

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