Blair and Glen’s Queenstown Pre-Wedding Adventure Part 2

First, let’s just say that spending time with Blair and Glen is always a pleasure.
They are friendly, bubbly and effervescent, leaning on one another to make each moment a fun one!
So we were nothing if not excited little kiddies when we reunited with the two them a couple of days after
their first adventure session with us at Mt Cook.
As usual, with these guys, it was all hugs and smiles as we stood in the morning sun outside their Airbnb
and discussed the plan for part two of their shoot.
An adventurous pre-wedding photoshoot in Queenstown.

We had plenty on the cards that day; From exploring New Zealand’s ancient rainforests to kicking up dust while dancing together in a dry river bed to dodging a rouge falcon in flight and breathing in the fresh mountain air while feeling one genuinely epic sunset on our skin! But first, dumplings! Cause no one likes to adventure on an empty stomach. We often stop for dumplings when we are out and about exploring with our couples near Queenstown and Queenies Dumplings is the place to get them…Yum! It’s also a great place to take a moment to really get to know the fantastic people we are photographing so we can tailor our creations to suit their love story and their love story only.

Blair and Glen have a remarkable backstory by the way, and you can hear a little of it straight from their mouths if you go and check out
our behind the scene’s montage of our two days exploring together on Youtube!
So once you’re done checking out the properly gorgeous images, they helped us create below, make sure you check out how all this was created as well!

So scroll on down, and you will find one fruit of this adventurous pre-wedding photoshoot in Queenstown. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and the comments below – Stay rad

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