Tiffany and Winston’s Jaw Dropping Milford Sound Honeymoon Part 2

Check out this jaw-dropping honeymoon photoshoot in Milford Sound we did on day two with Tiffany and Winston. If you’ve seen their day one blog, you might remember that despite being Californians these two love cold weather. And thank goodness for that because where we started the day was definitely not tropical. In the shade of the mountains, we adventured together on a rather brisk morning. Edging closer and closer towards a massive 160-meter high waterfall that kept raining down little icy droplets of water which just got denser the closer we got. Soon we were cleaning our lenses more than we were taking photos. It was like taking pictures in freezing monsoon rains, but Tiffany and Winston were loving it, and so were we! We had never been so close to the base of theses falls before, and photos are just breathtaking. The way these two were interacting, it’s little wonder they were able to keep each other warm.
But the magic didn’t stop there <3

After we were all back in dry clothes and had defrosted a little in the warming rays of the rising sun, we could move on to go and explore some of New Zealand’s native beech forests. Again these two amazing humans showed us how effortlessly in love they were, bringing the heat to the rain forest for the second time in a day. We had a blast chatting about life, relationships and Asian street food. We knew that we had to wrap up their shoot someplace epic so we left the forestes behind and road tripped toward a place that was a little more spacious.
A place where you could see the golden tussock meeting the sky as the sun began to dip.

The sunset we were gifted this day was just the knees of the bees! Wow, it was gorgeous!
Tiffany and Winston were their bubbly and beautiful selves which only served to make the entire scene come to life.

Let us know if you would like to experience your very own honeymoon photo shoot anywhere in the world. We are old hats at designing and planning a once in a lifetime experience for couples in love, cause sheep follow and Lovers adventure.
So scroll down to check out this jaw-dropping honeymoon photoshoot in Milford Sound! You’re going to love it <3

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