Jacqueline and Jeff’s Intimate Dolomites Pre-Wedding Adventure

Pre-wedding photoshoot in the Dolomites | Italian prewedding photoshoot | Italian Apls Elopement Photographer

Majestic… What is it we all mean when we say something is ‘majestic’? Until recently we thought we knew the answer. But that was before Jacquline and Jeff’s intimate Dolomites pre-wedding adventure photoshoot! As we prepared, planned and scouted the Italian Dolomites, we had to hold on to our jaw from hitting the floor. Now we know, that when something is truly majestic the yardstick used to coin the word must have been some ancient firey sunset that once bathed these incredible marble steeples in their now-signature twilight glow!

How lucky we were to find our selves exploring this incredible part of the world with two amazing people in love! We were experiencing the pleasure of spending a few long summer days with Jacquline and Jeff who had flown all the way from HongKong. We adventured and road-tripped together from the golden hills of Tuscany to the un-earthly spires of the Italian Dolomites, and wow was it a soul-enriching trip for all of us! The day after our Tuscan adventure photoshoot, we convoyed our way north and arrived in time to experience the unforgettable – The sun going down over the Giau Pass!

Of course, we were there, cameras in hands, excited as kids on Christmas morning.
Watching the way the light reflected the warm love of our gorgeous couple was something else!
However, it was only a small taste of what the Dolomites were to offer up to us!
We had scoured all the gorgeous places in the South Tyrol and we couldn’t wait to share it all with Jacqueline and Jeff…

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